Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Fortune

I had Chinese food last night (well...I at least looked at it before refusing to eat it). This was in my fortune cookie, and it is so true! Everything I do is received with great enthusiasm and even applause.

Mommy: What does the cow say?
Me: Moo!
Mommy: Yeah!!!!!

Daddy: What are they playing on the television?
Me: Football!
Daddy: That's right (clapping his hands)!

Mommy and Daddy: Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere...
Me: *staring at them*...*pretending not to hear*...*eventually putting one stuffed animal in the basket*
Mommy and Daddy: You're a great helper. Thank you!

I can't even imagine their reaction when I use the restroom in my big girl potty!

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