Thursday, September 25, 2008

20 Months Old

Dearest Victoria Pearl,

Today you are 20 months old, and I realize that my days of calling you my "baby" will soon have to be replaced with "little girl". Truth be told, it should have probably already happened, but I will hold on to each stage as long as I can, even if it is a bit too long, before I send you to the next.

This was an exciting month because you started school! It is actually just an opportunity for you to play and explore with children your age, but it has been a big step for both of us. You handled the first couple of weeks much better than I did. I know this because I watched you like a hawk from the observation room next to your classroom! As my breath became shallow upon leaving you, I could see that you were fine. I always watch with pride as you so easily adjust to new situations and are so friendly to those around you. As content as you are being with others, you still can't wait to see me and run to me with open arms. It melts my heart to see your face light up when you see me!

You have become quite the "Mommy's girl" and want me to be the one to do things for you. You oblige your daddy and others occassionally when they want to hold you or read a book to you, but you usually want me. You are so kind and don't want to hurt the feelings of others, though, so after telling them no, you blow them a kiss to let them know you care about just want Mommy right now. I know there will be a time (say it isn't so!) that you won't want/need me as much, so I am relishing every second of this time.



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