Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swim Lessons

I have been taking swimming lessons now for about a year. I have to admit I am a bit bored with them. Swimming underwater for ten seconds is the goal, which I did several months back. We go through stations that help with water acclimation and the necessary skills like good kicking and pulling our arms. I have started to watch the older kids instead of focusing on my task. The teacher has taken to bribing me with the swim doll. I get to swim to her and then hold her while I do my stations. There are some activities I like at the end of class. Each baby gets to spin around on the floaty, while everyone sings the bye-bye song, and most importantly, we get to go down the slide. I go straight into the water and Mommy lets me bob to the surface like a cork before she gets me. The new mommies gasp at this! Mommy tells me that I can move up to the next class when I am two. While she usually is in no hurry to rush my aging, this is one area of exception. When I move up to the next swim class, she will be able to stay on the sidelines (and dry). When she talks about that, there is definite excitement in her voice!

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