Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Miracles

Eating out has been difficult for my family. It has been difficult on me because I do not like to be confined to a high chair and because there are usually many interesting people with whom I would like to visit. It has been difficult for Mommy and Daddy because they want me to sit in my high chair, and they want me to leave those interesting people alone. Therefore, most of our meals are eaten at home. We did; however, decide to go to Waterloo recently, where they have outdoor seating with a play area. Lo and behold, I played independently in the SAND PIT (miracle one) while Mommy and Daddy ate their meal with no interruptions (miracle two). Once they were finished, I was so famished, I sat in my high chair and ate my meal with no prompting (miracle three). Mommy was even able to have two adult beverages (which she would count as miracle four!).

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Jackson said...

I can totally relate! Here's to believing in miracles! :)