Sunday, October 26, 2008

21 Months

Dearest Victoria Pearl,

Today you turn 21 months old. We just had a fun weekend of visiting with family and friends, with a sprinkling of exciting activities thrown in the mix. While I love every experience we have together, my favorite times are the ordinary, routine days we share. Hearing you wake up and call for me, seeing the joy on your face when I enter your room, having breakfast in our pajamas, spending time playing and reading, watering the plants, baking cookies for Daddy...I love and cherish those special times.

You are developing quite a personality! You have to be the friendliest child around - you greet everyone with a wave, a hug and a loud "HI"! You have started making the most comical facial expressions. You pull us by the hand when you want us to go somewhere, even if it is just to do ring-around-the-rosy with you and your cow (he always has to be included). You so desperately want to talk. I know it will happen soon, and when it out! You are becoming more confident in your abilities to do things on your own.

What else is going on with you? You have started to gallop or run (left arm straight and right arm bent) instead of walk. You have been waking again occasionally at night, and it is just too easy (and wonderfully sweet) to bring you to bed with us. Your favorite foods are all shades of brown: crackers, grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, chocolate, etc...the Sneaky Chef (me) has her work cut out. Your favorite books are If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Your favorite activity is to play in the car. You love to crawl in and out of your car seat and get in the front seat and "drive". I moved the extra car seat inside the house, and you spend lots of time putting your stuffed animals, babies or yourself in and and out...

In only three months, I think I officially have to stop counting your age in months. I am sorry I keep lamenting on the fact that you are growing so quickly, but I can't help it! Someone once asked me what surprised me about motherhood. I knew that time would pass all too quickly, but it is shocking how true that is. Also, I knew I would love you, but I couldn't have imagined the depth of these emotions I have for you.


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