Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ride 'Em, Cowgirl

Look at me!

Now What?

Reading my favorite book with BaBa

What a fun few days I have had! Mommy and I went to visit BaBa, which means I got to visit with many people around the community where Mommy grew up. They all loved her as she was growing up, and now they love me too! Mommy got me a tricycle so I could learn to ride on the same ground she did (well, that and it is flat - unlike my driveway). I showed little to no interest, so we'll try again at Thanksgiving. There's lot of land to roam and everyone has at least two dogs, so I kept Mommy busy, busy, busy...
We made a quick stop to visit Mommy's friend Jennifer. Even though I don't get to see her often, she has been a major influence in my life. Almost every book in my library is from her. I get packages in the mail all the time filled with new reading material. Earlier this month, she sent me a scary Halloween book that lights up and makes sounds! I love reading books, so I am grateful that Jennifer loves me and keeps my bookshelf well-stocked.

Another highlight of the trip was attending the carnival at Aunt Teri's school. As you get away from the city, things change a bit. In addition to the normal activities/games like the fish pond, ring toss, face painting...they had LIVESTOCK! There were piglets in a pen, a pig poop bingo (yes, you read that correctly and it's just what you would imagine) and pony/horse rides. I sat in the saddle, held onto the horn and rode without anyone even holding me. I did not want to get off! Check out the video below!


Jackson said...

Oh my gosh, how cool! She looks like a natural.

April said...

Guess we know what she will be asking Santa to bring her...A