Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Babysitting Gig

Who's the baby? It's hard to tell!

I remember the good 'ole days!
Holding Tate

Stealing Tate's binky

Today Mommy and I watched Tate. I did really well helping Mommy take care of her. I handed Mommy a wipe when she changed Tate's diaper. I held Tate and handed her toys (even my cow!). Admittedly, there were some issues. I desperately wanted Tate's binky and her bottle, so in an attempt to keep me from snatching Tate's, Mommy let me have my binky (which is reserved for bedtime only) and found one of my old bottles. Mommy's heard that older children can regress when a new baby comes around, but was amazed to see it in action. I was sweet to Tate and excited that she was at my house, but by this evening, I guess sharing Mommy had taken its toll on me. At one point, I was face down on the floor in my Halloween skunk costume (with tail straight up in the air for added effect - and don't think I wouldn't have sprayed if I could have) crying. Thank goodness babies can sleep through anything!

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