Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Last Year - Halloween 2007

Watch out for that tail!

Little Stinker

Our first stop this evening (as is tradition) was Aunt Cindy's. Mommy tried to get me to sit still for photos, but I just wanted to play in the sandbox with Tripp (he was a pirate and Tate was a parrot). After eating pizza (crust only for me, please), it was time for trick-or-treating. I made it official by walking outside and then walking back up to the door to ask for my treat. Then I was on my way to make a few stops back in my neighborhood. I wanted hugs more than candy, although I was lucky enough to get both everywhere I went!

As you can see, I dressed as a skunk. Mommy always calls me her "little stinker" so it was most appropriate (and I could borrow it from Tripp). Last year I was a flower because Mommy said the sounds I made were the sounds a flower would make if a flower could talk (sweet!). What a difference a year makes!

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April said...

She looks like 'Fifi' from the Pepe Le Pew cartoon. Oh, so cute!