Thursday, April 23, 2009


Aunt Amanda and Dzo just moments after they were reunited

Mommy's brother, my Uncle Randy, with Dzo

Aunt Amanda and Dzo walking on the Baltic Sea at sunset - pretty cool!

Those of you who have read my blog for a while may remember reading about a new cousin I am getting. My Uncle Randy and Aunt Amanda are in Latvia right now and will soon bring Dzo home to Texas (Aggieland, no less!). He is ten years old and has been living with a foster family there with six other kids. Here, he will have three siblings - my cousins Aidan, Garland and Anna. He is so excited and so are we! He is just learning English, but doing great (much better than I am, but that's for another day). Here's what he wrote in an email yesterday:

"I like dadde play of me baskedbal and I like it is funny and thank you dad for my bal. Aidan is my brather and anna banana is my sister and garland is my sister and skeet and lucey ar my dogs. Mom and dad it my femaly."
Welcome to our family, Dzo!

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