Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bull in a China Shop

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I am supposed to what??

Finished Products - Before Firing

Earlier this week, Mommy took me to a place where you paint your own pottery. She thought I could paint an egg for Easter, starting a tradition we could do every year. Mommy also looked online and found a great way to make a butterfly using my handprints. Mommy set out with visions of the fun we would have and of the lovely pottery we would create; however, she realized it was a bad idea the moment we walked in the door. I wanted to touch everything, and being a pottery place, everything is fragile...not the best place for a two-year-old. Mommy held me (as I squirmed to get down) while we picked out our items to paint. She then strapped me in a booster seat (smart move) and handed me my brushes. I put a few strokes of paint on my egg and then was oh so ready to get down. Mommy painted my hand quickly and pressed it on the plate. She then filled in the rest of the butterfly. The entire process took probably five minutes. No doubt we were the fastest painters there. We get to pick up our masterpieces this Saturday!

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