Monday, April 13, 2009

Sea World

Hat? Check

Scoping out the map during a break

Mommy and Me

Enjoying the Show

The Whale Show "Believe"
A Clydesdale Horse

The only Big Bird I saw!

A Dolphin Swimming

My Souvenir Horse

What do you do on a day when the temperature is 75 and there's not a cloud in the sky? You head to San Antonio to go to Sea World, of course, so that's what Mommy and I did today. We watched the sea lion and whale shows. I was a great audience member...I clapped and laughed at all the appropriate times. We also saw dolphins, penguins, Clydesdale horses, flamingos...We missed the Big Bird show because it started too late. Even without that big yellow bird, I had a great time!


April said...

I miss y'all soooo much. These photos are precious. I love the fact that she reads maps so proficiently. You are in 75' sun, and we are in 45' rain...but Cali gave us a nice break from the showers... Kiss her for me...REALLY BIG. a

Jackson said...

thanks for the idea, Brenda...I've never been to Sea World before, but seeing how much Victoria enjoyed her visit, a trip to San Antonio might be in order for Jackson and me :)
very cute photos, btw...especially the one of the two of you