Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Years and Three Months

Dearest Victoria Pearl,
Your growth over the past month has been unmistakable. You are much more goal-oriented in your play. You know which toy, stuffed animal, book you want and off you go to search for it to include it in your planned activity. I can see just the wheels turning in your head! Although you still have periods where you want to be attached to me (literally!), you are becoming more independent, especially when other kids are around to play with.
You have started enjoying sitting at the table to eat dinner. You grab our hands to say the prayer before our meal, give us kisses and then we eat and talk about our day. Well, we talk and ask you questions, to which you respond mostly "no" - that is until the question is, "Do you want dessert?" The answer to that question is always "yes". You have also started eating some fruits and vegetables. That's all I will say about that because I don't want to jinx it!
You have always loved dolls and babies, but I would say you are officially obsessed with them right now. You recognize when a woman is pregnant and know there is a baby in her tummy. You recently saw a picture from last year of you holding a doll. You knew right away that it wasn't one of the (many) dolls in your room and wanted to know where that doll was. We found it tucked away in a drawer, so she is out and back in rotation, getting extra attention to make up for those months of deprivation.
Your loving nature is evident when you care for those dolls, but also when you interact with people. During our recent parent-teacher conference, your teacher reported that you are the star sharer of the class. You can hear other children mention a toy or book, and you will go get it and bring it to them. Your teacher also reports that you have a longer attention span for activities and are trying things that are difficult for you. You can recognize your name and several letters of the alphabet (your favorite letter is still Z). You love school - it's the one place you don't mind when I leave.
You still aren't saying many words, but you are making progress. You are putting the words you know together in short phrases and are trying more single words and sounds. You are also using more inflection, so it is clear when you are simply making a statement or asking a question. You chatter constantly, so I know when the words come, you will be talking my ear off!
Your favorite television show is Max & Ruby and your favorite books at the moment are Naughty Little Monkeys and Fibblestax. You still hate brushing your teeth. We have watched a Barney video about oral hygiene, bought new brushes, different flavored toothpastes, tried stickers and stamps, but none of it has worked. I hope it's just a phase! Your hair is growing and can even be worn in pigtails.
You are a bundle of energy and bring life and laughter to our home. Always know that you are cherished and loved.
Hugs and kisses,

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