Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bar Fly

Helping Raymond Tend Bar

In addition to the bluebonnets, another great thing about our house is it is across the street from an Austin landmark - The Dry Creek Cafe and Boat Dock. The name is deceiving because, other than some bags of chips, no food is served and there is no public boat dock...it's really just a beer joint. It's been around for over 50 years -long before any houses were built along our road - and owned (and until just a couple of years ago also run by) 95 year old Sarah Ransom. Sarah is really makes makes the place legendary. She is one ornery lady, and you can't really call yourself an Austinite unless you have been yelled at by her...for not bringing your empty beer bottle back to the counter, for asking if she serves wine, for just about anything. Many of our neighbors think the Dry Creek is an eyesore, but we love it. On any given night, we can sit on our deck, watch the sunset and listen to Willie playing on the juke box across the street....It doesn't get much better (or more Austin) than that!

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