Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Berry Farm

Holding Max's Hand

We made it!

I was a good picker - for a short while!

My legs are almost buried and Mommy's taking a photo!

I forgave her

My Friend Max

Tripp and Gaby Looking for the Best Spot

Our Loot!

Today my friends Tripp, Gaby, Max and I went to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls to pick strawberries. I rode with my friend Max, and we held hands in the back seat (he has a DVD player in his car - how cool)! When we got there, we saw fields with rows and rows of strawberries. I picked about five (strawberries, not rows), but Mommy helped me, so we brought home enough to make something...maybe strawberry shortcakes or jam. There were also horses, goats and lots of MUD. I just happened to find the muddiest spot on the entire acreage and fell in. Mommy had to strip me down and wash me off with a water hose. She says my clothes are so dirty that if OxyClean wipes out the mud, she is writing them a letter! After getting (somewhat) clean, we picked a few more strawberries, sat under some trees and ate lunch and went for rides in their little red wagons. What a fun morning!
Let's see, last Monday was Sea was Sweet Berry Farm...I wonder what Mommy will have planned for us next Monday!

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