Saturday, April 25, 2009

Budding Artist

We have an art station at school, with different papers/brushes/textures, etc...each week. Art has never been too high on my priority list, so it's not unusual for my cubbie to hold artwork with one swipe of a brush or one small dot from a crayon. Mommy cherishes them, saving each and every one. This week's work took the cake, though. Don't look too closely for something, because it's not there. Apparently, even though I hadn't made a mark on the paper, I insisted my name be put in the corner and placed it in my cubbie for Mommy.

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Jackson said...

Love it!! J is the same way when it comes to art...try as I may, I can't get him to color, paint, etc...oh well, it will come :) I love that you took a picture of her blank piece of paper, haha!!